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Journalist with a passion for investigative reporting. I'm a former NBC News digital intern, foreign news intern at, and editorial intern at Forbes, as well as a recent alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania.

Leaked reports allege that Penn officials led ‘shameless cover-up’ to protect Gene Therapy Program

Top University officials allegedly manipulated a Perelman School of Medicine investigation into years of workplace abuse allegations within the Gene Therapy Program in order to protect its financial interests and director Jim Wilson, according to internal reports obtained by The Daily Pennsylvanian. Following our previous reporting on GTP’s toxic workplace environment, based upon testimonies of 11 current and former GTP employees, the DP obtained a selection of documents alleging that Penn admi

Penn employees allege ‘dysfunctional, toxic workplace’ in Gene Therapy Program

Penn’s Gene Therapy Program is at the forefront of pioneering biotechnology developments — but employees allege a toxic workplace environment lies behind the allure and that Penn is ignoring their complaints to protect the moneymaking program. “I only lasted four months before I couldn’t take it anymore. I really couldn’t take it anymore,” Margaret Spencer, a former executive assistant, said. “It was a dysfunctional, toxic workplace on many levels, and I didn’t have anything to do ... It was ex

On TikTok, Olympians aim to break social barriers, inspire underrepresented athletes

“I’m going to teach you a little bit about rowing,” U.S. Olympic women’s four rower Kendall Chase declared to her 50,000 TikTok followers in a video posted this past weekend. “Because chances are, you probably know nothing.” Chase, 26, regularly posts videos to the app including ones educating people about rowing — because “not a lot of people in the U.S. are familiar with the sport” — to LGBTQ-focused content and even lighthearted TikTok trends. She’s one of many Generation Z and young millen

TikTok is taking the book industry by storm, and retailers are taking notice

Author Adam Silvera four years ago released the young adult science fiction novel "They Both Die at the End," which found success and landed a few weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. But years later in August 2020, Silvera said his publisher noticed a significant sales bump, the start of a trend that would send the book to the top of the New York Times’ young adult paperback monthly bestseller list in April, where it still reigns. Silvera had no idea where the sales spike was coming fr

Israel’s anti-Netanyahu protests, explained

For the past several weeks, thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets to demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — who is facing several political crises — resign. Over the past month, Israel’s second coronavirus wave has spiraled far out of the government’s control. The country’s economy is tanking, and about a quarter of the workforce is unemployed. Netanyahu’s approval ratings are falling, fast. Oh, and he’s currently on trial for three corruption charges. Israel also had an un

Israel’s second coronavirus wave is threatening Netanyahu’s hold on power

Two months ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was confident — probably a little too much — in Israel’s management of the coronavirus crisis. The numbers of new Covid-19 cases had plummeted to the low double digits per day in May — a far cry from late March, when hundreds of new cases were being reported every day. In the midst of Israel’s success, Netanyahu announced on May 26 that Israel would finally begin to reopen. “We want to make your lives easier, to allow you to go out and

Australia was a coronavirus success story. Now, an outbreak is prompting new lockdowns.

Australia initially contained its coronavirus outbreak so well that there were several days in May in which the entire country’s daily number of new cases was in just the single digits, and the country began to reopen. But thanks to a new outbreak, the daily numbers are back in the hundreds — and once again, shutdowns are starting. To contain the new resurgence, Australia on Wednesday closed the border separating Victoria and New South Wales, restricting nearly all travel between the two states

China’s new national security law is already chilling free speech in Hong Kong

At 11 pm local time on Tuesday, Hong Kong’s government unveiled the text of a draconian new national security law that gives the Chinese government vast new powers to crack down on free speech and dissent in Hong Kong. Drafted in secrecy by top Chinese officials in Beijing — and not seen by the public until that very moment — the law criminalizes “secession, subversion, organization an